Serving the financial ecosystem since 1993

We promote dialogue, collaboration and networking among (foreign) banks in the Netherlands and various stakeholders in the financial ecosystem. We do so through a range of compelling channels: Networking events, Seminars, Conference Access and Publications.

Helping our members and partners succeed

Being a trusted and well-established platform for (foreign) banks and financial institutions, the FBA provides opportunities to support and grow members' business.

We engage in dialogue with regulators, standard setters and trade associations to shape the regulatory agenda and strengthen our relationships.

Through our events and efforts we bring professionals from all sectors together –(foreign) banks, lawyers, regulators, practitioners – allowing them to network and gain valuable insights e.g. on the Dutch legal and fiscal framework.

Members are encouraged to join FBA working groups, seminars and training sessions on a wide range of topics. Together with our partners, we organize monthly workshops and networking events to discuss industry topics with prominent speakers. We also host the FBA’s annual General Meeting, social events and the annual Regulatory Update meeting organized by the Dutch Central Bank (DNB).

In doing so, we help our members successfully establish and operate a foreign bank or financial institution in The Netherlands.

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Our role is to:

  • Promote dialogue, partnership, interaction and inclusion in the financial ecosystem
  • Serve member banks in their pursuit of financial growth and to ensure transparency and equal opportunity
  • Proactively influence the regulatory agenda-setting process to ensure financial stability and profitability of foreign banks in The Netherlands
  • Foster international cooperation within the financial services industry
  • Act as a platform for information, knowledge exchange and network opportunities