Become a Member

FBA Membership benefits include:

  • Regular communication with/access to information from regulatory, legislative and industry bodies
  • Expert guidance and advice on relevant topics in partnership with professional firms
  • Support in resolving issues
  • Participation in NVB working parties groups and committees is allowed to those who are also a member of the NVB (
  • Invitations to topical conferences and events, including networking events and the FBA General Meeting
  • Regular updates, newsletters and surveys

Membership conditions

Membership is open to all foreign banks. Other legal entities or private persons can apply to join as an observer without voting rights. Members require authorization by the Dutch Central Bank (DNB) to conduct business in the Netherlands. Applications for membership of the FBA are approved by the FBA Board.

Membership fee

The membership fee amounts to €1,000 per calendar year. This comprises one annual fee (regardless of the number of the employees involved) determined at the General Meeting.

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